Let kids be kids campaign promotes respect on and off the field

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Ange Postecoglou, Caitlin Thwaites, and Nick dal Santo are just some of the Victorian sports legends joining the Victorian Government to support the new Play by the Rules campaign - Let Kids Be Kids

Good spectator behaviour and sporting conduct on the field of play is an important part of enjoying sport, and this new campaign lets kids enjoy their sport and have fun with their mates.

Let Kids Be Kids highlights the negative impact of verbally and physically abusive behaviour through the eyes of children and the importance of positive sporting environments that encourage having fun with your friends, participation and not just winning.

Kids with coach

The campaign also features a range of resources and a toolkit to help sports, clubs and communities tackle poor sideline behaviour.

The Victorian Government is also working with state sporting associations to ensure that everyone, from players to fans, volunteers and umpires, whatever the age get to enjoy their sport all year round, especially when passions are high.

All Victorian sporting associations are also required to comply with the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport

Clubs and associations must continue to comply with the Code to be eligible for Sport and Recreation Victoria funding.

For more information go to Let Kids Be Kids or contact manager@playbytherules.net.au