Injury prevention


Sport is a great way for people to get fit and stay healthy; however, sport also creates a risk of injury.

When athletes try to go back to the field of play too soon they may put their health at risk, or risk the integrity of their sport if they do so by doping or taking illicit substances. For injury prevention resources:

Concussion in sport

Sport-related concussion can have potential serious health ramifications for athletes.

It is important that sports, coaches, players and parents support an environment where people feel comfortable reporting their symptoms and sit out of play if they have a concussion or even a suspected concussion.

For more information:

The Victorian government has also supported important research into concussion management in community sport. A summary of the findings and some related fact sheets are available online.

Sports ground conditions and injury risk

In 2005, Sport and Recreation Victoria commissioned a study to review issues relating to ground and surface conditions in turf sports and their relationship to sports safety.

The study reviews the standards and practices currently used by turf based sports and ground managers to assess ground safety and injury risk.

It also investigates the relationships between ground conditions and injury risk.

A brief summary of the research report is also available. This outlines the findings and recommendations of the study, and gives information on plans for further research into the relationships between ground conditions and injury in community level Australian Rules football.

The Artificial Grass For Sport Guide (pdf, 2.26 MB) is a key resource for sporting clubs, local councils, and schools set to undertake an artificial grass project.

Sports ground inspection checklist

Good practice sports ground guidelines and checklists have been prepared by the Federation University Australia (Ballarat). The checklist can be adapted and customised by sport and local governments for use by community sports clubs. Some additional basic training notes on observing, assessing and making a decision are also provided.

Sports injury prevention taskforce

The Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce, an expert panel chaired by elite netballer Sharelle McMahon, delivered its report in 2013 to support sporting bodies, sports management authorities and local government with risk-management strategies and sports injury prevention plans.