Emergency: Sporting and Recreational Equipment

These grants provide assistance to grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations to replace essential sporting or first aid equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of fire, flood, significant storm event, theft or criminal damage.


Applications can be submitted by local community sport and active recreation clubs which:

  • are non-government and not-for-profit
  • are registered as an incorporated body. If the club or organisation is not incorporated it must arrange a legally constituted organisation to manage the funds.
  • participate in an organised competition of a sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission
  • have satisfactorily completed the reporting requirements of any previous DHHS or former DTPLI grants.

Funding range of grant

Up to $2,000

Eligible equipment

  • Equipment that is required for ongoing participation in an activity that is transferable to other participants and remains the property of the club/organisation (i.e. bats, match balls, equestrian jumps, racquets, gymnastic mats, team equipment kits and badminton nets)
  • Injury prevention equipment that is transferable (i.e. goal post padding, batting pads, gloves, goalie gear, helmets and catcher's gear)
  • First aid equipment which is necessary for immediate attention to injury that may occur during participation in sport or active recreation

Equipment that will not be funded

  • Capital works (i.e. permanent shade structures, permanent fencing, fixed lighting and other permanent structures)
  • Repair of equipment, structures and player surfaces (i.e. golf course, turf wicket pitch)
  • Non-playing/participation equipment (i.e. wicket covers, banners, trophies, clubroom items, portable floatation device)
  • Maintenance equipment (i.e. lawn mower, linemarker, roller, hose, compressor)
  • Fixed playing surfaces and structures (i.e. synthetic pitch, goal posts, portable posts)
  • Equipment damaged through wear and tear
  • Training equipment that is not essential to participation (i.e. tackle bags, agility ladder, witches hats, tennis ball machines)
  • Canteen items (i.e. microwave ovens, soft drinks, food, alcohol, cooking utensils)
  • Personal items of equipment (i.e. mouthguards, drink bottles, shoes, boots)
  • Vehicles (i.e. boats, bikes, golf carts, jet-ski, go-kart), trailers and accessories
  • Equipment not owned by the applicant
  • Sports clothing and uniforms
  • Firearms, scopes, and ammunition
  • Equipment temporarily located somewhere other than its regular storage site

Open dates

Up to 3 months after the loss or damage

Program guidelines

Required documents

  • a quote from a supplier for the replacement cost of the equipment
  • evidence of the loss or damage, such as a police report, photographs, newspaper reports etc.


From Monday 16th November, we are implementing a new Grants Online system. You will need to register a new account prior to submitting new grant applications. If you have any queries, please contact Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356 or email to grantsinfo@sport.vic.gov.au

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