Better Indoor Stadiums Fund

The Better Indoor Stadiums Fund is a Victorian Government funding program that helps provide indoor multi-sports stadiums across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.  The fund assists in meeting the community demand for indoor sport and recreation participation opportunities.

Indoor multi-sports stadiums are indoor facilities that are purpose-built for traditional indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, netball and volleyball.  In addition, these facilities can also be used for a range of other physical activities including futsal (indoor soccer), table tennis, gymnastics, calisthenics and dance, as well as community based programs and local and regional sporting events.

Councils may submit one application for funding to the 2017/18 Better Indoor Stadiums Fund and may be successful in receiving up to $3 million. 

Program guidelines

Better Indoor Stadiums Fund Guidelines 2017-18 (pdf, 959.24 KB)

Better Indoor Stadiums Fund Guidelines 2017-18 (docx, 95.85 KB)


Only local government authorities can apply directly to Sport and Recreation Victoria for funding from this program.

Councils are required to discuss their project(s) with their Sport and Recreation Victoria representative before submitting a Full Application.

Community organisations are advised to contact their local council to further discuss project proposals.  Councils may auspice projects on behalf of community organisations.

Application process

Step 1:  Check your eligibility

Only councils can apply directly to Sport and Recreation Victoria for funding.

Clubs and organisations can seek to access funding by speaking directly with their local council.

Step 2: Contact Sport and Recreation Victoria

Council must discuss project ideas with a Sport and Recreation Victoria representative before submitting a Project Proposal. They will provide:

  • advice on the most appropriate form of support for your project
  • guidance on the development of those proposals that have merit, that align with program objectives and that are ready to proceed
  • high level design advice.

Step 3: Apply using Grants Online

Make sure you have the information you need to apply on hand, including required documents, and click on ‘Apply online’ to submit your application through Grants Online.  You will receive an Application Number when you submit an application online.  Please quote your Application Number in all correspondence relating to your application.

Submitting your application online through Grants Online ensures it is received by Sport and Recreation Victoria immediately and can be processed in the most efficient way.  If you need assistance with applying online, please call the Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356 or email between 8.30am – 5pm weekdays.

All supporting documentation can be emailed to  copying in your Sport and Recreation Victoria representative.

When you submit your application online using the grants online system you will receive an Application Number.  Please quote your Application Number in the subject line of your email.  Attach all documents to one email, zipping the files if required.

You can also send attachments on a CD or USB, quoting your Application Number, to:

Community Infrastructure Programs and Regional Support
Sport and Recreation Victoria
Department of Health and Human Services
GPO Box 4057
Melbourne, Victoria 3001.


Apply now

Additional information


These publications are intended for use as a guide only and further specialist advice should be sought on the specifics of your project:

Program area and assistance

Read more about Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV)

For assistance with a project idea and/or an application contact your Sport and Recreation Victoria representative.

For general Sport and Recreation Victoria grant enquiries:
Phone: 1300 366 356 for the cost of a local call (except from mobile phones); or
Open Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5pm except public holidays