Recognition process for state sporting associations

Sport and Recreation Victoria, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, uses the following criteria and process to recognise state sporting association.

Definition of sport

The National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework agreed by all Australian governments on 10 June 2011 defines sport as:

"A human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally through organisations and is generally recognised as a sport." (Commonwealth of Australia National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework 2001)

Governance of sport

In Australia, sport is governed through a hierarchy of organisations at national, state and local level.

National sporting organisation

"A national sporting organisation is the pre-eminent governing body in Australia for a sport, taking a national perspective and responsibility for the sport's development. As such, the organisation is accountable at the national level for providing its members with technically and ethically sound sport programs, policies and services." (Australian Sports Commission Eligibility Criteria for Recognition of National Sporting Organisations by the Australian Sports Commission 2009-2013 undated)

National sporting organisations are recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. The current list of Australian Sports Commission recognised national sporting organisations can be found on the Australian Sports Commission's website.

State sporting association

A state sporting associationis the pre-eminent governing body for a sport in Victoria. Sport and Recreation Victoria's expectations of a recognised state sporting association is that it:

  • is capable of representing all Victorians participating in the sport
  • is affiliated with the national sporting organisation for the sport
  • has sound financial and governance policies and practices
  • has policies and procedures in place to protect the integrity of the sport and implement Victorian government policy including the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport
  • is a legal, not-for-profit entity.

Recognition criteria

To be recognised as an state sporting association by Sport and Recreation Victoria, an organisation must be able to demonstrate all of the following criteria.

  • Criteria 1: The organisation has sport as its core business.
  • Criteria 2: The organisation is the pre-eminent governing body for the sport in Victoria and can represent and serve all Victorians.
  • Criteria 3: The organisation is legally constituted and not for profit.
  • Criteria 4: The organisation has been operational for a minimal of three years and is financially solvent.
  • Criteria 5: The organisation is the Victorian state affiliated body of the national sporting organisation for the sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

For further information

Benefits of recognition

  • Recognised state sporting associations are eligible for funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria's funding programs targeted towards state sporting associations, such as the 'Victorians More Active' program. Please note that recognition as a state sporting association does not imply an organisation will be funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria.
  • Recognised state sporting associations are also invited to participate in regular networking and professional development opportunities and stakeholder consultations facilitated by Sort and Recreation Victoria.

Applying for recognition

If your organisation meets all of the recognition criteria and wants to be recognised as a state sporting association by Sport and Recreation Victoria:

Step 1

Complete the Victorian State Sporting Association Recognition Application Form (doc, 43.5 KB)

Step 2

Send your application together with all relevant documentary evidence required to


Manager, Sport Programs
Sport and Recreation Victoria
Department of Health and Human Services
GPO BOX 4057

Step 3

SRV will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your application. Additional information and/or documentation may be requested from you prior to this meeting being scheduled.

Step 4

You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your application.

The Minister for Sport is the final authority on recognition.

If you require further information or have queries about the state sporting association recognition criteria and the process for recognition, please contact Sport Programs on telephone (03) 9096 9865 or email