Links to other relevant information:

Universal Design Fact Sheet (docx, 122.28 KB) - A summary of the principles of Universal Design.

Be Prepared (pdf, 6.76 MB) - Sport and active recreation programs provide unique opportunities for people with disabilities to explore their potential and focus on their ability. This resource kit has been prepared for volunteers and staff who play an important role in the provision of quality sport and active recreation experiences for people with disabilities.

Universal Design Integrating the Principles into Camp Activities (pdf, 1.92 MB) - This paper outlines the importance of Universal Design, and ways in which environments, activities and programs within camps can be used and experienced by people of all ages and abilities.

Universal Design, Camps and Consultation (pdf, 2.49 MB) - This report presents findings from the literature regarding the best practice methods for consulting with users to implement Universal Design. This is part of a larger body of work to assist Sport and Recreation Victoria to implement Universal Design across their recreation camps with the aim of increasing the participation of a wider range of users. Universal Design is a design process that aims to ensure that products, services and the built environment are useable by the widest range of users (Vanderheiden 1996). It is not only about people with disabilities but full participation for all.