Catering for assistance animals

Key requirements

  • Advertising material indicating ‘Assistance Animals are Welcome’ at the location.
  • Signage at the entry points indicating ‘Assistance Animals Welcome’.
  • Animal water bowls co-located with drinking fountains and taps.
  • Dog clean up bags co-located with rubbish bins.
  • Dog tether posts at key locations in buildings and facilities, reception and public toilets.
  • Effective contrasts between tether posts and background and adjacent surfaces.
  • Training for staff at premises regarding ‘rights and obligations’ relating to assistance animals.
  • Information available regarding nearest location for toileting of assistance animal.

Key access dimensions

  • Dog clean up bags, dropping disposal bins and tether posts located 900 - 1100mm above the floor/ground surface.
  • Dog clean up bags, dropping disposal bins and tether posts with a minimum 30% luminance contrast between background and adjacent surfaces.
  • Signage installed within common ‘Zones for Viewing’ in accordance with Australian Standards.

Table 30: Relevant Australian Standards for assistance animals

AS 1428.1 – 2009 - Design for access and mobility - General Requirements for Access - New Building Work

AS 1428.2 - 1992 - Design for access and mobility - Enhanced and Additional Requirements - Buildings and Facilities

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